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MVA VA Services makes every effort to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and then design customized solutions that exceed their expectations. We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:

" I have been using the service for 6 months. My assistant, Sonya is perfect. She answers the phone and she handles all client inquiries and concerns. She handles billing and bookkeeping. She books my appointments, schedules my depositions, and makes sure that I haven’t overlooked any cases. She Efiles my court filings  directly through the court websites. What is most important is that she serves as my client services person. Most of my clients just want a status update on their case. She handles them perfectly. Each client feels like he or she is our only client because of the attention and care that she gives each client. She is efficient, courteous, and diligent. She jumps in where I need her even before I realize I need her.


For example, a few months ago, a clerk from a federal judge’s chambers called to confirm a conference that was scheduled in 30 minutes. I was out of the office that day. Sonya didn’t miss a beat. She set up a telephone conference with our GoToMeetings account. She called all the attorneys in the case and gave them the call in number. She texted the number to me. I called in and everything went well. She handled it so smoothly, that I didn’t realize until later that she didn’t have ANY advance notice about this conference. Because of MaroLee Services, I can take more time off to hang out with my family and my clients do not suffer."

McKee Law Office, Phila, PA

" MVA has been my bookkeeper for over 10 years . Prior to using MVA , I  was doing  it all on my own, which did not work  out very well. Now all  I have to do is drop off  my monthly purchase reciepts along with my bank statements and MVA takes care of the rest. Utilizing the services of a bookkeeper has even saved me on how much money I now pay to my CPA services each year. "

Angela Raymond, Angela's Educational Early Learning Center, Phila, PA

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